Why does this irritate me?

 feeling irritated
Conversation went like this on Sunday: “you not Chinese”..and again.. “No you cant be” she said this smiling to me.. suddenly the fury and ugly memories flooded my mind..But I was emotionally calm. and finally replied for the first time without any anger or resentment ” Yes I am I am Cuban and Chinese my father was Chinese. And I speak Cantonese fluently and said in Chinese “yes that’s right” In the mean time i greeted my friend who was walking by and couldn’t help over hearing her tell other peers “can you believe she Chinese” “Right she no look it”. So I said to my friend I gotta take care of this and said bye.. Went back and they were amazed shocked and in disbelief. Growing up I dealt with iteveryday going to Chinese school for 6 years. I heard all kind of racial slurs against me by my own race..hence my dislike for the Chinese Race..yeah yeah.. So I told Keymen and he said “you should not be offended;people mistake me for Philipino” .. Its not the same.. I get you r too dark to be Chinese..you are too tall to be Chinese and I always replied yeah fine whatever ..It used to piss me off..Plus now how many years later I see it happening with my sons? It really infuriates me. But I must say I took it in differently this time and I am trying to be open minded and not be a hater.. I want to hear from my peers..not angry posts or else.. just your thoughts.. especially my cousin that are o proud to be Chinese..why?

8 thoughts on “Why does this irritate me?

    1. Equal? ..lol.that’s the last thing I felt growing up but I do try to teach my kids that…not such an easy journey. IN FACT my husband is 100% Chinese and our sons asked 2 yes ago..so does that make us Chinese too? They. Elie bed they were just American with cuban bkood!

    2. In college I had a turor and he asked me the strangest question ever! ” how does it feel being a minority/” I looked at him and said what makes you say that? He replied well 1. you’re a woman and youare not wite?
      I started laughing because in all honesty I didn’t see myself as the MINORITY! ilooked at myself as Unique!. I said to him that they all look the same and We looked specail! lol. it was a
      good session!

    1. Frustrating is an understatement, I hear all the issues with Blacks vs Whites and reverse.. But when its your own race being prejusdice aganist you..how are you suppose to love and embrace your race??

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