What if this not the world I am to be part of?

– I am at odds with the world.
– I constantly disagree but agree SO it seems like I am not always dissagreeing.
-I see and feel issues deeper than all around me.
– I try to adapt to my so-called extended family and I am not comfortable in doing so or PRETENDING to do so ever!
-I should of been able to know that my father was trying to keep the truth from me when – I asked him”if I get married am I marrrying the parents too?”He said no….
– I do struggle each day with trying to sort eveything out.
– I love the fact of being born and raised as an American and hate having to explain my nationality/ethnicity to everyone over and over again.
-I don’t like what this world is evolving to.
-I am at odds with this world I am part of!


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