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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Living and being born in NYC.
    Made in the USA! Parts containing Cuban and Chinese bloodline!
    Through the years I experienced that rejection comes from ones own race. I faced this everyday growing up. It was painful. Our parents forced us to attend Chinese school in Chinatown. At the time my brother and I were the ONLY two people in the school who were not 100% Chinese. We sure looked it! Plus the fact that the kids loved reminding us everyday.
    You know what was one of the first things we learned..Wow! now that we are learning chinese we are listening to all the racial statements they were making about us in front of our faces! but the best part was
    letting them know I understood what they were saying. At this point the apologies meant nothing
    Just ignorance.is what we were faced with every day . My brother quit after a year or two. I went on for 6 yrs!!! did that make anything
    better? for myself it was the confirmation that racism is skin deep no
    matter what you are.
    Growing up I learned about Racisim~ White vs Black. yeah ok so this
    has gone for centuries.. long song and dance and has gone on forever
    and still go on.

    But the world needs to know when you are rejected or discrimminated aganist by your own race..there is nothing worst than that.. It’s like “but Hello, I am Chinese?” no not really is what I wish I had been taught as I grew up.I grew up with the Look :ooh you no “Chinese” or ” You too dark”You have black skin” all this and more was said to me and my brothers by all chinese we met or ran into..:)* Didn’t even matter how old were either.
    Growing up this way is even harder on my sons! As soon as their school showed 90% asian I pulled them out! Yes I did. We grew up around more Cantonese people who were prejudice but nowadays its primarily Taiwanese and they are even more racist. I was just not going to allow that to happen to my sons. Unfortunately a similar situation confronted us at my middle sons school. His classmate wanted a playmate. He invited my son and I said ok. On that day after school the Chinese moms got together and were talking about my son’s skin color and how “we” claim to be Chinese” This made me angry, but I restrained myself in order to not make a scene in front of my son. I turned around and gently informed them in Chinese not to talk about us
    and they were shocked!!!When I picked up my son he said he didn’t have a fun time and I told him..don’t worry you never have to come back.We smiled and walked away.
    So People! these parents that think like this and behave this way will only go on and teach their children to do the same. I will not allow it around my sons.
    I have even seen it with mynieces and nephews when they were little they lived in a very intergrated neighborhood and they were told by their maternal grandmother not to play with the “black” kids in the palyground~ mind you “black” meant anything darker than a cappucino! ok..
    They told their dad(my brother) about it and he was furious and told his mother in law to never every teach them that. he told his kids they can play with anyone and of any color!
    20 years later..the pretty much associate with chinese 90% of the time.
    So yes we have a big job to keep our children’s heart and eyes free from all this drama and pain that will come no matter what!
    Mixed cultures need to stand together not APART!

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